Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

Gambling online can be fun and extremely rewarding. For anyone just starting out, the easiest way to maximise your online winnings is to stick to casino games with the lowest house edge. A house edge is the statistical advantage the casino holds in a specific game. Most popular casino games will have a house edge ranging from 1.5% all the way up to 18 percent. To help give you the advantage, we are going to take a look at online casino games with the lowest house edge.

Blackjack 0.38%

Of all the online casino games, the one game that continually offers the lowest house edge is single deck blackjack. The house edge in blackjack ranges between 0.38% and 1.5% depending on the number of decks and the type of bet placed. Using the correct blackjack strategy will reduce the edge to the lowest end of the spectrum. It also pays to look for blackjack game where the dealer stands on soft 17. Here the house edge is 0.40% compared to a game where the dealer hits on soft 17 where the house edges jumps to 0.76%. As an added plus you can also use a blackjack bonus to boost your bankroll and give you a better chance of winning.

Jacks or Better Video Poker 0.46%

If you want to avoid blackjack and the complicated strategies needed to keep winning, you might want to try video poker. This exciting online casino game has a house edge starting from 0.46% going all the way up to 5%, depending on the type of game played. Standard Jacks or Better video poker is the most popular version and it actually has the lowest house edge of all of the video poker games. Keeping a cool head and playing a simple strategy will significantly reduce the house edge and keep you playing for longer.

Baccarat Banker Bet 1.06%

Baccarat is another popular game where the house edge ranges wildly from 1.06% up to 14.36%. In a standard game of baccarat there are three betting options. This includes a player bet, a banker bet and a tie bet. In most cases, players tend to go for the basic player bet. This has a house edge of 1.24%. On the other hand, a banker bet has a slightly lower house edge of 1.06%. What this means is that it is better to bet on the banker even if he takes a portion of your winnings. If you decide to go for a tie bet, the house edge jumps to a ridiculous 14.36%. The payout might be bigger, but the risk is really high.

Craps Don’t Pass Bet 1.36%

You might not think it, but craps is actually the next casino game on the list with a low house edge. Online craps offers dozens of different types of bets with a house edge ranging from 1.36% all the way up to 16%. The two main craps bets, the pass bet and the come bet offer the lowest house edge at around 1.41%. While playing “the right way round” may seem like the better option, in fact playing a don’t pass or a don’t come bet actually reduces the house edge a little to 1.36%.

These games and bets are a great option for beginners, or anyone looking for big wins when playing online.